DIY Like the Trade is contributed to by a small group of experienced and multi-skilled tradesmen, bringing you advice, hints and tips, project guides and articles on all aspects of DIY, with the aim of helping DIYers of all skill and experience levels get a trade quality finish to their work.

From decorating to landscaping, tiling to plumbing and much more, we’re constantly adding to Projects section of the site with examples from real, live jobs for paying customers.

If you’re looking for simple practical tips to enable to get that professional finish, or simply make the job just a little easier, you’ll find step by step guides such as How to Swing a Hammer, or How to Saw Straight in the Techniques section. For those little pointers to make life a little quicker or easier, try the Hints and Tips section.

The Equipment and Materials section is where you’ll find topical posts on a variety of subjects, such as selecting the correct fixing when working with plasterboard, or which hammer is the right one for the job in hand.

DIY - Like the Trade


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