Please Read Before You Start

DIY Like the Trade aims to bring you sound, practical and safe advice to help you enjoy your DIY and get a trade-quality finish to your work.

However, it must be remembered that DIY can be dangerous, and as such we cannot accept responsibility for any injuries caused as a result of following advice from this website. If you are in ANY doubt at all as to the safety (or any other consequences) of what you are undertaking, for yourself, your property, others and their property, please seek professional assistance.

In the spirit of safety, you will not find advice on this site relating to jobs that MUST be attempted by professionals, such as electrical or gas work.

Before you take on any job, please:

  • Ensure that you are wearing the correct personal protection equipment (PPE). We know that it can be bulky, hot, restricting etc, but there isn’t anyone amongst our team who hasn’t had their sight, hearing or limbs saved thanks to the PPE that they were wearing.
  • Read the guide the whole way through. It’s annoying getting halfway through a job before realising that you don’t have a crucial tool or component, but it’s much, much worse if you cause injury or damage because you didn’t read ahead and anticipate a problem.
  • Take your time. Tradespeople finish jobs quickly because they’re experienced and have probably done them many times before, not because they rush. Rushing will at best impair the level of finish that you’re aiming for. At worst, it could lead to serious injury – powertools are rarely very forgiving.

Finally, enjoy yourself. DIY can be extremely rewarding, when you can stand back, admire a great job and proudly proclaim ‘I did that’. Happy DIYing!