Goldscrew Trade Pack Zinc & Yellow Passivated 1400 Pieces

August 24, 2013 at 3:49 pm


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1400 Pieces. Excellent for softwood and chipboard. Single coarse thread. Countersunk head. Prodriv recess. Superior quality and heat-treated for resistance to snapping. Wax-coated for faster driving. Case and through-hardened. Zinc and yellow passivated. Angled point usually needs no pilot hole. EN 14592. Features: Excellent for Softwood & Chipboard; Single Coarse Thread; Countersunk Head; Prodriv Recess; Superior Quality & Heat Treated for Resistance to Snapping; Wax-Coated for Faster Driving; Case & Through-Hardened; Zinc & Yellow-Passivated; Angled Point Usually Needs No Pilot Hole.